Warranty Procedure

Warranty Procedure

Our top priority is always to solve the problem which has occurred on board!
Under warranty we cover costs for parts and adequate labor at standard time. Warranty for spare parts is always a parts-only warranty. Precondition for claiming warranty is that the system has been installed by an authorized service partner. Furthermore the defective parts have to be returned to us with RMA (Return Material Authorization).
Please read out GtoB for more information.

In case you did not buy systems or parts directly from us (but e.g. from a shipyard) the warranty conditions and terms you agreed to with your supplier might differ from ours.

Please check your contract and the GToB.

Get in Contact:In case of warranty related questions or for a RMA aftersales@anschuetz.com.  
Please contact service@anschuetz.com and our service coordination will help to arrange a (warranty) service or send out spare parts.

In cases of urgency you can also contact the authorized service partner directly. Our partners will solve your problem and handle the logistic and commercial issues directly with us.

Non-Authorized Parts

Please note that only authorized sales and service partners of Anschütz are trained to install and maintain your navigation systems and please make sure, that you only use original Anschütz products and spare parts.

However, we need to point out that purchasing, installation and maintenance from non-authorized companies is a risk! In case of an incident, the use of non- original products and spare parts has wide-ranging legal effects including the expiration of the national and international type approvals. Of course, Anschütz will not be responsible for any follow-up costs and warranties which are caused by violation of this policy.