Keep your bridge system up to date


Anschütz engineers, manufactures and supports integrated bridge systems for superyachts. Our passion for navigation drives us to develop products and systems which make yachting even more comfortable and safe.

Our expertise in navigation systems, backed by the experience from integrating bridge systems to more than 150 sophisticated superyachts and providing comprehensive after-sales services, make us a reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle, from newbuilding to service support and refit. We offer smart and tailor-made superyacht refit solutions for complete integrated bridge systems as well as for single units.

We support your dreams!

We provide sustainable, excellent customer services throughout the entire life cycle of a superyacht. This ensures you have a smooth and safe cruise at all times.

Superyacht refit solutions and upgrades

We keep superyacht refits simple and efficient through precise planning and lean processes. Thanks to our modular system architecture and backward-compatible products, our tailor-made refit solutions allow replacing virtually any existing systems on board.

Our experienced superyacht refit team takes care of the whole process, from first consultancy and survey to a qualified price offer, project planning and, finally, completion. The team works closely with the customer and other partners to make sure that any questions or tasks that come up are handled and answered quickly.

Streamline efficiency with modern bridge and navigation systems

Software-defined multifunctional workstations offer a true “any function at any place”-principle to adapt to situational needs. They include the latest application features, digital logbook functionality and maintenance-free sensors. Furthermore, they support customer-specific requirements in ergonomics and design.

Achieve maximum safety and reliability with state-of-the-art systems

The bridge system contains built-in features for safe and reliable navigation. These include a consistent distribution of validated data, central alert management and improved situational awareness for optimised decision-making. Navigators interact with a single system only and have full control at their fingertips.

Get rid of concerns about compliance and obsolescence

Our bridge systems use standardised, state-of-the-art marine hardware. We offer regular application software updates for new features and for continued compliance without compromise (e.g. new display standards or S-100 charts). Moreover, we organise a worldwide supply of spare parts for our hardware in the field.

Spare parts and repair

As one of the largest maritime service providers, we offer maintenance and repair as well as refit for the whole life cycle of a superyacht. We have a dedicated team for servicing superyachts around the world. Depending on the needs on board, our team clarifies the situation and sends out trained and well-suited technicians to solve any problem within the shortest possible reaction time. Advantages are:

  • Worldwide excellent, reliable and diligent service attendance
  • Only specially trained technicians attend services on board of superyachts
  • Technicians are highly qualified to deal with cutting-edge, ship-borne technologies and are familiar with the characteristics of superyachts
  • Remote diagnosis option to ensure optimised service actions with predictable results and to avoid unnecessary attendance

Technical consultation and support

Our experienced superyacht team is available at any time to provide competent advice and technical support related to the bridge and bridge operations. This team also works together closely with our technical support team and organises spare parts and trainings.

Customers value our flexible handling of customer needs, our reliable and firm order processing, as well as our commitment to deliver as promised in terms of function and quality, delivery time and budget.