Reduced fuel consumption: less costs, less emissions.

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Order your upgrade for your Anschütz autopilot now and benefit from fuel savings, lower costs and reduced emissions. For a limited time, we have an unbeatable price on the upgrade of our NautoPilot 5100 (NX) and NautoPilot 5300 (NX) autopilots! *

Upgrade your Anschütz autopilots now and benefit:

  • up to 5% less fuel consumption
  • lower costs, lower emissions and better CII rating
  • high precision whenever it matters

Anschütz autopilots are known for their outstanding precision and safety. In addition, the NautoPilot 5300 (NX) and NautoPilot 5400 (NX) series autopilots offer a unique combination of fuel-saving features that help customers save costs and reduce emissions.

Course Control

Sailing the shortest distance has effect on fuel consumption. In Course Control mode, the travelled distance between two points is reduced to a minimum automatically. Continuous heading adjustments lead to smaller rudder angles and less loss of speed compared to manual operation.

ECOnomy Mode (adaptive mode)

In ECO mode, the autopilot permanently monitors the actual yawing movements of the vessel, depending on load and sea conditions. Symmetrical movements as well as movements that do not need to be corrected due to the inertial behavior of the ship are filtered out and not corrected by the autopilot. The result: permanent fuel savings through less rudder activity.

Toe Angles (dual rudder vessels)

The steering characteristics and energy efficiency are optimized with an offset (toe angle) of the rudders to each other. Data from several seatrials have proven significant fuel savings when the toe angle is set optimally considering speed and draught. Exclusive feature with Anschütz autopilots of series NautoPilot 5400 (NX).

Track Control

NautoPilot 5400 (NX) offers highly precise automatic steering control and is type-approved as part of a track control system category C im combination with various ECDIS, including Anschütz ECDIS NX and Furuno ECDIS FMD-3005 or FMD-3200/-3200-BB/-3300.

*) Authorized for the campaign are existing installations on vessels. The special offer is applicable for deliveries from 1st July 2024 till 31st October 2024. Contact us or an authorised dealer for a personalised quote.

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The NautoPilot 5000 NX autopilot offers a wide range of fuel-saving features and unique steering algorithms that ensure highly precise steering performance where it is needed, even at low speeds.