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On a regular basis we provide information about product innovations, significant contracts or organizational changes at Anschütz. You are welcome to request more details, pictures and quotes directly from our Communications department. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with:

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26. May 2023

eLog is a class-approved electronic logbook. It provides consistency, transparency and efficiency for maritime documentation.

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22. May 2023

Enhancements make the eLog the starting point for paperless shipping.

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15. May 2023

Naval Radar NX efficiently upgrades capabilities of naval and coast guard vessels

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11. May 2023

S-100 compliance: Anschütz makes ECDIS NX ready for the future

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11. April 2023

Anschütz enhances the eLog electronic logbook with new features and books.

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05. April 2023

eLog from Anschütz increases the efficiency of onboard documentation processes.

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04. April 2023

Anschütz designs and delivers integrated solutions for mine countermeasures, command and control, and navigation.

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30. March 2023

Anschütz’s new NautoPilot 5000 NX autopilot series demonstrates precise steering and reduced fuel consumption.

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17. March 2023

New research project enables long-term testing of autonomous vessel

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01. March 2023

Anschütz eLog supports the vision of completely paperless ship governance

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