Anschütz appoints NavCom Team as the Center of Excellence for Navigation

Megayacht customers in the Mediterranean benefit from extended technical services.

Anschütz is one of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated navigation and bridge systems for megayachts. In order to offer customers in the Mediterranean region, even better service in their new build and refit projects as well as in ongoing operations, Anschütz has appointed its long-standing partner NavCom Team, as the new Centre of Excellence for Navigation in the region.

"Over the past years, we have developed a very successful cooperation with NavCom Team in the megayacht business," said Tobias Grunwald, Business Development Manager for Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) at Anschütz. "NavCom Team brings a deep understanding of the specifics and needs of megayachts and has outstanding technical customer service skills that we want to leverage, to ensure our customers have a smooth ride with our navigation systems at all times."

The NavCom Team engineers, have undergone intensive technical training at Anschütz over the last few years. Their skills include project planning, system engineering, integration, and commissioning of bridge systems as well as crew training, maintenance and repair work on board.

In addition to newbuilds, the cooperation will also focus on modernising existing bridge systems on megayachts, in order to provide customers with sustainable, safe, state-of-the-art navigation system.

As part of the collaboration as a centre of excellence for navigation, plans are underway to establish a comprehensive demonstration and training centre for Anschütz IBS on the NavCom team's premises. The premises will be completely renovated and transformed into a modern environment by the summer. A grand opening ceremony with selected guests is also planned for October 2024.

“We are delighted to become The Centre of Excellence for Anschütz navigation systems,” said Jaime Sánchez, NavCom Team Director. “I value long-term relationships and trust, in both my private life and business. This is a natural step ahead on our business strategy focus on a partner who trusted us from the beginning, becoming experts on the solutions we work with, and will helps us continuing our path of providing advanced bridge and navigation systems expertise and high-quality services to the megayacht and shipping industry, along with excellent relationship with our customers and leading equipment manufacturers.”

In recent years, NavCom Team has carried out a large number of successful service assignments, complex new build project installations, and a double-digit number of IBS refits for Anschütz.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, NavCom Team is a marine technology company, well established in the international maritime industry with more than 20 years of experience. NavCom Team provide advanced bridge and navigation systems expertise, specialises in the supply, repair and installation of electronic navigation systems, radio communication systems, on-board security systems, integrated navigation and bridge systems, satellite communication solutions, vessels traffic systems (VTS) and port management, as well as simulation systems for naval and nautical facilities, providing expert trainings to crew, when required.