Anschütz continues journey towards autonomous navigation

New research project enables long-term testing of autonomous vessel

In order to explore the autonomous navigation of a ship under realistic conditions, the Clean Autonomous Public Transportation Network (CAPTN) has created a unique maritime test infrastructure on the Kiel Inner Fjord as part of the CAPTN Förde Areal I research project. Anschütz is now entering the next phase with the follow-up project CAPTN Förde Areal II, which will enable extensive research and development efforts in regard to autonomous shipping on the Kiel Fjord in the long term.

" CAPTN Förde Areal II enables us to design and test new ship sensors and systems with partners from the industry and scientific backgrounds within a real maritime test field for autonomous ships that is unique in Germany," said Daniel Sommerstedt, Project Manager at Anschütz.

Most recently, the construction of the research catamaran MV Wavelab has been completed as part of the previous project CAPTN Förde Areal I. As manufacturer and integrator of integrated navigation and surveillance systems, Anschütz delivered the integrated navigation system for MV Wavelab, including a high-precision track control system and a comprehensive sensor suite. The shore-based command center for remote control and monitoring of this research catamaran was also contributed by Anschütz.

"We want to use the test infrastructure to conduct research work on the assistance and navigation systems of the future," said Sommerstedt. “We aim to develop new and safe products with a higher degree of automation that are certified for seagoing ships.”

In addition to the testing of new sensor technologies and the development of software systems and functions for autonomous navigation, a digital duplicate is now being created in the CAPTN Förde Areal II project. The project partners will also install a real-time exchange of information about routes, obstacles and targets to enable remote monitoring, control, and autonomous navigation trials.

CAPTN’s vision is to develop autonomous, safe and sustainable public transport systems. As CAPTN strives to connect the east and west banks of Kiel with autonomous, low-emission passenger ferries, a network of companies and universities develop and research necessary technologies within a number of individual projects funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

Project partners in CAPTN Förde Areal II also include the University of Applied Sciences of Kiel, Kiel University, the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel GmbH, Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH, and ADDIX GmbH.