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Anschütz released new ECDIS NX features

ECDIS NX applications receive improvements with regard to functionality and usability

When it comes to electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), clearly structured displays and menus, and intuitive workflows and assistance functions support navigators to analyze situations and make the right decisions.

Anschütz, recently launched a new software release for the ECDIS NX applications, which further improves usability and functionality.

Driven by customer feedback, software release 06.05 offers improvements and additional features and options for the ECDIS. The new ECDIS NX application also supports various knobs and buttons of the new operation panel, enabling fingertip operation of the main functions and contributing to quick familiarization.

Improvements and new features of ECDIS NX and Naval ECDIS NX include:

  • Improved color visibility on the ECDIS screen, for example, displaying targets on a dark background.
  • Improved usability with a simple right mouse click for chart areas, chart objects and target lists to access a context menu or get information with additional data based on customer needs.
  • The “most probable position” feature displays a ship’s navigational errors by drawing an error ellipse around the current position, based on the position sensor in use, e.g., the global positioning system, inertial navigation system or with dead reckoning (available as a “plus feature”).
  • The “pool of error” feature, which allows the user to reduce the ellipse based on single line of position fixes or depth lines, is also available as a “plus feature.”

The human-centered design of ECDIS NX effectively supports navigators and contributes to safe ECDIS operation and navigation. A modular approach enables customizable capability upgrades at any time, from a cost-effective standard ECDIS to a fully-loaded ECDIS for advanced operations and warships.

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