Contract award for the F125 Integrated Bridge and Navigation System

Raytheon Anschütz entered into a contract with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems on the delivery for an Integrated Bridge and Navigation System for the German frigate project F 125. This contract covers delivery packages for four ships and, in addition, a training installation for the Naval Operations School.


The system to be delivered is based on the K 130 corvette project, which has earned an excellent reputation of design and functionality. The Integrated Bridge and Navigation System consists of six multi-function consoles capable of displaying various functions like X/S-band radar (2 each), ECDIS (2), NautoConning and AIS. One console is intended for route planning purposes. Furthermore, the scope of delivery encompasses ship steering and control equipment, a ring-laser based dual MINS inertial platform assembly, two data distribution units as well as a complete set of navigational sensors and meteorological equipment. A redundantly laid out Ethernet bus configuration interconnects all multi-function consoles and sensors.

As a sub-supplier to the shipyard Raytheon Anschütz takes on full responsibility for its subsystem, inclusive of third party deliveries.

One of the main requirements for the F 125 frigates is the so called concept of intensive utilization, which means that the ships must be able to withstand a two years period at sea without major maintenance and repair. Raytheon Anschütz equipment fulfils this requirement unlimited. In addition, in case of an unforeseen failure the company’s worldwide quick reaction service network is available as a backup.

Meanwhile, the company has delivered more than 600 customized Integrated Bridge Systems for both commercial and military customers.