Discover the advantages of the electronic logbook

eLog by Anschütz offers an unrivalled range of smart functions and books

Traditional logbooks mean a lot of work for the crew, data that is sometimes difficult to read or inaccurate, and little efficiency in the utilisation of this data. With electronic logbooks, shipowners can now benefit from leaving these problems in the past and take an important step towards paperless shipping.

Anschütz's eLog is not only recognised by flag states and classification societies but is also simple and easy to install. The eLog stands out with its wide range of functions and with the most comprehensive list of flags and books. Customers benefit from greater efficiency, ease of use, data accuracy, better reporting, and potential for further utilisation of the data.

Among its key features are versatile filtering functions and a full-text search that simplifies the evaluation of past records according to terms or keywords. The findability of data is also supported by the smart view function that displays entries depending on use cases. For example, a simple query of which crew members are on shore leave in the harbour is possible with one click.

Another smart feature, the watch-order function, brings the function of the watch/order or nightorder book into the digital world. For example, the masters would write down in the watch order book that they want to be woken up one hour before the pilot's arrival. With the eLog, the process is similar, but additionally a notification pops up for the person to whom the order is directed.

Further functions include the file upload that enables files of any format to be attached. Confidential entries are supported for confidential books (such as the security logbook and the medical logbook). The confidential information can only be read by authorised persons.

With eLog, reporting is made easier than ever before. All data can be viewed and traced at any time via cloud access. The Excel export function enables a standard data format for further processing, and so do several interfaces that eLog has in place with market-leading voyage analytics tools and documentation providers.

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