The electronic logbook on sea trials

- High-quality data for logbooks and annual reports -

Raytheon Anschütz, a company of Raytheon Technologies, has innovated the electronic logbook, called eLog, which converts data gathering aboard ships from paper to digital. The system is currently being tested onboard a container ship and two federal multipurpose ships in the Baltic Sea.


Technicians installed and connected the eLog gateway to the automatic identification system (AIS) transponder. AIS data is collected automatically, and the crews aboard were given a Wi-Fi-connected tablet with access to the eLog application to manually generate additional test entries.

“The feedback from the shipping company turns out that the main advantage is to have logbook data available on land via the cloud, and to create statistics and even other reports without additional effort,” said Jesper Renz, product manager at Raytheon Anschütz.

At present, the eLog includes the deck logbook, the bell logbook and the noon reports for navigation and maneuver operations. It can be extended to support annual reports such as EU MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions) and IMO DCS (data collection system for fuel oil).

As the next step, Raytheon Anschütz will continue to collaborate with the international leading flag states to obtain recognition of the electronic logbook as a full equivalent to a traditional logbook.