eLog paves the way to paperless shipping

Not just a logbook: eLog is the single source for onboard maritime data

Anschütz has developed the electronic logbook eLog to replace classic paper logbooks.

eLog includes all relevant log- and record books and complies with various standards, such as ISO 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74). Automatic data entries, templates and intuitive workflows facilitate the work of the bridge crew and ensure high data quality.

With its unique range of books, reports and functions, eLog makes reporting highly efficient and forms the basis for paperless shipping. eLog can also be easily integrated into other systems and enables the further utilisation of consistent and comprehensive onboard data ashore.

This includes:

  • The StormGeo s-Suite utilises eLog data to ensure regulatory compliance, provide voyage insights, increase transparency between vessel and shore users and support a fully 'paperless' vessel management strategy.
  • Time series data from Hoppe's system portfolio and sensor data validation capabilities can be combined with the intelligent workflows and plausibility checks of the eLog to provide the customer with significant advantages in data quality and efficiency.
  • The data records entered into the eLog are automatically captured in Osiris' SOFeXChange and made available to shore-based stakeholders in real time.
  • The real-time data from the eLog is transferred to and analysed by Stratum Five's Podium5 voyage analytics platform to provide a more comprehensive, reliable picture of voyage performance or efficiency.
  • AIS data around the vessel is provided via FleetMon to enable the vessel owner to analyse their own operations with the best possible quality based on live or historical data.

Transforming numerous manual data processes into one digital data chain for sharing, processing and analysing simplifies reporting and provides valuable real-time voyage insights for stakeholders ashore.

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