Get started with electronic logbooks

eLog makes the transition from paper to electronic logbooks easy

Electronic logbooks have an advantage over traditional paper logbooks, for example in terms of data accuracy, efficiency, reporting and integration. With the eLog, Anschütz has developed an electronic logbook that is recognised by flag states and classification societies and stands out from other logbooks thanks to its superior range of books and functions. Above all, it is easy to install and use on board.

The design of the eLog is strongly orientated towards traditional logbooks and enables an easy transition from paper to electronic logbooks.

This is possible thanks to the exclusive co-operation between Anschütz and Formularus-Verlag, in which proven experts in the field of navigation and logbooks have jointly managed the product development. The united development team consists of experienced master mariners and software developers, making the eLog a solution that has been designed by seafarers for seafarers. With the eLog, customers also receive comprehensive handouts for each logbook, which quickly provide the crew with further information such as rules and regulations, guidelines, or examples as required.

No special equipment needs to be installed on board for the eLog, apart from a small gateway PC. The installation can easily be carried out by a ship's electrician. The ship's crew or the shipping company's IT specialists take care of the simple configuration. As the eLog is a browser-based solution, any existing hardware can be used for continuous operation. Thanks to modern browser technology, it is even possible to work in areas without WLAN coverage.

With the eLog, shipowners not only opt for high-quality data that can be used on board and ashore, but also for a secure documentation. The data is securely filed with three levels of redundancy (cloud, dual hard disc, manual backups). Manipulation is virtually eliminated by documented workflows and tamper-proof blockchain technology, and the type-approved hardware offers integrated security features such as monitoring executables and blocking unused ports.

eLog is an important step towards efficient and paperless shipping.

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