Integrated solutions for offshore patrol vessels

SYNTACS is an integrated solution for navigation and command & control that is optimally suited to support the different tasks of offshore patrol vessels (OPV).

Officers of the watch on offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) need to make complicated decisions during their missions. In addition to navigating through challenging maritime areas, they have to pay attention to seabed structures and ocean traffic, including fishing boats crossing within the closest point of approach limits. They may need to identify suspicious objects, such as a speedboat on the horizon, or communicate with a helicopter ready to take off and chase any unauthorized vessel. In such scenarios when rapid decision-making is critical for safety and mission success, crews aboard naval vessels require reliable information and an immediate, comprehensive maritime picture.

SYNTACS, from Anschütz, meets these requirements with an integrated solution for navigation and tactical command. Designed to allow OPVs to perform multiple missions as they patrol for surveillance, security, law enforcement and maritime interdiction operations, SYNTACS is a modular command and control system. The embedded IMO-compliant integrated navigation system collects and evaluates all data and targets. It distributes the data to end-user applications, where crews can access consistent information from any workplace. Not limited to navigational data, this sensor-agnostic system also allows integrating data from additional sensors such as electro-optics sensors or surveillance radars.

In contrast to traditional systems, which still require human interpretation of different data provided by several sensors and systems, the integrated solution reduces workflow, risk of human error and fatigue, while supporting safe and fast decision-making. All data is processed and integrated to transform a navigational picture into a full maritime picture, which is then provided through a common user interface for navigation and mission.

This makes SYNTACS optimally suited to support the different tasks of OPVs. A customizable dashboard presents the maritime picture. There are also additional tools for classification and tactical manoeuvres such as intercept or stationing.

Typical tasks of OPVs include area surveillance and protection of critical offshore infrastructure, as well as anti-smuggling or anti-trafficking operations. SYNTACS improves situational awareness by creating dedicated surveillance areas and zones. Seamless integration and correlation with other ship systems and sensors enable accurate identification of contacts and lay the foundation for safe, reliable missions. These ship systems include navigation or surveillance radar, electro-optical sensors, automatic identification systems, and warship electronic chart display and information systems. Mission data recording is available for training and improvement of operations, and for operations with legal ramifications.

For wide areas of operations in economic exclusive zones, OPVs often require an airborne asset, such as a helicopter. SYNTACS delivers operators on both sides a clear overview of the situation. It provides helicopter guidance aligned with the current operation of the ship to enable safe helicopter approach and landing. Long-range surveillance operations are supported through an integrated data link that allows exchanging tactical data and the maritime picture between the operating units and shore-based control.

SYNTACS is a smart solution for OPVs, navies or coast guards as well as for the shipyard, offering these and many other capabilities:

  • Wide range of advanced features, tailor-made for OPV tasks and missions.
  • Integration of surveillance radars and electro-optical sensors.
  • Modular system allows functional updates at any time.
  • Standardized hardware and software for easy adaptation to changing mission profiles.
  • Commercial off-the-shelf products enable reliable, customized solutions at reasonable costs.
  • Navigation and mission systems are available through a single supplier, reducing risks as well as costs related to integration, spare parts, training and operation.
  • Multifunctional, space-saving workplaces with common human-machine interfaces, particularly suited for vessels with a short path between navigation and operation in a combat information center.

With all of this, and more, SYNTACS will give you the technological advantage you need in maritime interdiction operations. Visit the website to learn more.