Lifecycle solutions for superyacht bridge systems

Anschütz has established a business segment for superyacht refits and services.

Superyacht bridge systems typically combine high standards of safety and functionality with requirements for ergonomics and design. Anschütz has now established a new business segment that provides superyacht clients with individual lifecycle solutions, through which the high functional standards of their bridge and navigation systems can be maintained and expanded over the long term.

Led by an experienced team and backed with certified partners from the most popular superyacht spots around the world, Anschütz offers a wide range of services for superyachts. These include technical consultation and support, spare parts, maintenance and repair, as well as upgrades and refit solutions.

Superyacht refits for entire bridge and single units

“With our smart refit solutions, we create new added value for our customers, whether it's the entire bridge or individual units,” said Sven Dreyer, Segment Lead for Superyacht Refits at Anschütz.

With a modular system architecture and backwards-compatible products, Anschütz has laid the foundation for efficient refits. Anschütz navigation systems use standardised marine hardware with an embedded software framework that serves as an integration platform for sensors and systems on board and regulates data exchange with other systems. Modular software applications are built on top of this to define the functional scope of a workstation. This simplifies both the exchange of system components as well as regular software updates for new features and continued compliance (e.g. with new S-100 charts).

"Customers can easily and efficiently boost their navigation and bridge systems with the features and benefits of our latest sensors and systems in strict compliance with all regulations,” said Dreyer.

With a refit, clients get rid of concerns about compliance and obsolescence on the one hand, and on the other hand upgrade to a maximum of safety and reliability with state-of-the-art systems. Through customised superyacht refits, clients can also harness the power of the latest technologies to optimise the performance of the bridge and make operations more comfortable, more efficient and smarter.

Key features and advantages of modern navigation and bridge systems for superyachts are, among others:

  • Multifunctional workstations delivering an upmost in situational awareness as they adapt to situational needs and offer a true “any function at any place” principle
  • Full control in navigation and steering from any workplace through multifunctional workstations and take-over functionality of the steering gear control system
  • Less stress and safer operation: AI-like features ensure consistent and validated data at each workstation, as well as a harmonised, intelligent alert handling throughout the system.
  • Full flexibility in ergonomics and design through compact hardware and the ability to separate hardware off the bridge (e.g. in 19” racks)
  • Applications having modern, intuitive user interfaces and advanced features beyond IMO standard to support important use cases, such as tender tracking or docking
  • Fully integrated, fuel-saving autopilot (less emissions) and secure steering gear control system
  • Digital logbooks with class approval reducing workload and paving the way to paperless operation
  • Remote diagnosis optimising service actions and helping to avoid unnecessary attendance
  • Maintenance-free sensors reducing overall need for service attendance

Experienced partner for superyacht lifecycle solutions

As part of the new business segment, Anschütz has organised a precise planning process and a lean internal process chain. A specialised superyacht refit team takes care of the whole process, from first consultancy and survey to a qualified price offer, project planning and, ultimately, completion.

For lifecycle solutions, the team works hand in hand with selected partners who understand the superyacht business, from commissioning, spare parts supply, maintenance and technical service to the next refit.

Particularly trained service partners include, for example, NavCom Team headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and SIMAR with offices in Marseilles and Antibes, France.

As one of the world’s leading navigation system suppliers, Anschütz has designed and manufactured the most advanced integrated bridge systems for more than 150 large superyachts.

You can read more about Anschütz lifecycle solutions for superyachts here: