Navigation and automation solutions for submarines at the UDT

Anschütz’s submarine systems for navigation and automation are built on decades of experience and expertise.

Anschütz will present its continuously growing portfolio of navigation and automation systems for submarines at the UDT in London from 9-11th April. Anschütz‘s submarine solutions are designed to efficiently match the conditions on board and the requirements of our customers.

No matter if it’s steering stands, mast control, battery monitoring, tube control or payload handling, all solutions are stringently based on the same technology. Open architecture providing standardised interfaces as well as a unified hard- and software toolbox ensure high durability and conformity to the latest safety, security and quality standards while contributing to a significant reduction of effort and cost. Thanks to a functional integration of systems from the combat and navigation domains onboard the submarine, new capabilities arise in terms of navigation, 3D steering control, tactical operation, automation and data management.

The connection between Anschütz and innovative solutions for submarines has existed since the early days of the company's history, when Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe developed the idea of exploring the North Pole with a submarine, for which he ultimately needed a new compass technology. The gyrocompass with its pressure-resistant repeaters soon became an indispensable navigation product on submarines, over the decades being supplemented by other sensors such as bathymetric probes, inertial navigation systems, solutions for navigation data management, steering stations for submarines and 3D autopilots.

Based on years of experience and the technical expertise acquired, Anschütz has further developed its portfolio, initially with battery monitoring systems and later with solutions from the field of automation, such as hoistable mast electronics, weapon transport and stowage systems, and tube control systems.

Today, Anschütz owns a modular product range for navigation, sea water sensors, 3D steering control, automation, tactical operation, data management and more. All products are fully designed and manufactured in Germany with a clear focus on reliability, scalability and user experience.

Anschütz products are in use onboard submarines of more than 50 navies worldwide.