New ECDIS features for efficient navigation and operation

Anschütz introduces advanced features for commercial and military applications

Anschütz is expanding the functionality of its Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). Customised functions promote, among other things, safe and efficient operation of offshore and research vessels as well as of the blue and grey forces.

ECDIS NX is made up of a wide range of functions, including intuitive route planning and comprehensive voyage management functions. Various additional functions are available as ‘plus features’, and further functions for special applications will be added with the current and upcoming software releases.

Among them are area alerts (geo object events) that enable, for example, offshore and fishery control vessels to watch a certain sea area, or that can be used for MARPOL Annex VI emission control areas. Search and rescue operations can also be deployed quickly and easily with multiple search patterns.

“Our ECDIS features are tailored to our customers' specific use cases, providing them with effective navigation, situational awareness and mission support in full compliance with IMO regulations”, said Björn Schröder, Product Manager for ECDIS at Anschütz.

In recent years, Anschütz has developed a versatile and flexible ECDIS product family. All systems are based on the IMO-compliant ECDIS NX software application.

ECDIS NX is type-approved and subject to continuous product maintenance, which ensures compliance with all relevant IMO and classification society regulations today and tomorrow. The ECDIS NX generation stands for a user-defined software application characterised by a clear menu structure and intuitive operating procedures, patterns and workflows.

The ECDIS NX family uses commercially available marine hardware. Thanks to its modular approach, it enables customisable software upgrades at any time. For military customers, ECDIS NX can turn into a fully compliant, fully loaded Warship ECDIS (WECDIS). Equipped with features based on STANAG 4564 Ed 3, the Naval ECDIS NX supports navy operations by adding navigational and tactical overlays, layers, or aids for waterspace management, anti-submarine warfare and missions.

“Customers only have to pay for the features they really need”, said Schröder. “This is why ECDIS NX is a very effective solution for customers who have special requirements for ECDIS functions and value long-term compliance. Our mission is to ensure that our products and solutions optimally support our customers in their successful operations.”

ECDIS NX and Naval ECDIS NX are available as part of integrated systems for installation on bridge consoles. Additionally, they can serve as a chart table or planning station with 43” and 55” displays. An efficient plug & play product based on a panel PC is available with the ECDIS NX Compact and provides simple and cost-effective IMO-compliant installations on commercial vessels and refits.

The application has proven itself in thousands of installations since its market launch and has been continuously further developed. Anschütz will also meet the upcoming S-100 standard with the ECDIS NX family, and will therefore continue to offer an approved ECDIS in the future.