New features and books for the Anschütz eLog

Enhancements make the eLog the starting point for paperless shipping.

Anschütz eLog, a new electronic logbook, automates onboard documentation and provides ship navigation, manoeuvring and command evidence in a digital format.

Anschütz now has enhanced the eLog with new functions and additional books that enable customers to use further data from on board digitally and securely.

Designed in accordance with ISO standard 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74), the Anschütz eLog is class-approved by DNV and accepted by major flags to be used instead of paper logbooks (“flag-approved logbook”).

The eLog includes relevant log and record books, noon reports, and IMO crew lists. It now extends the data from the deck logbook and the bell book with data from a digital engine logbook, oil record book and garbage record book, and a harbour towage book.

Additional new features include:

  • Secure file upload allows the upload of bunker receipts, loading papers or other files. The files are stored within the blockchain technology, digitally available and traceable.
  • Interface to the FleetMon service to improve the image of the traffic situation. eLog logs and presents AIS targets in the surrounding area in real time or retrospectively.
  • Added value through integration into data exchange services, voyage analytics systems and decision-support solutions.

With its basic features, eLog replaces the error-prone and manual data collection with an automated, secure, and single-sourced digital process chain. eLog features automatic and manual data entries, stores the data using secure and tamper-proof blockchain technology, and provides the data in a digital logbook format. Multiple search and filter functions are available. Owners have full data control and access from anywhere in the world.

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