New radar features support specialized operations

- Raytheon Anschütz invests in and innovates new mission-oriented radar system capabilities -

Raytheon Anschütz, a business of Raytheon Technologies, has been investing in research and development of a family of marine radar applications. Now, it is able to provide those apps with unsurpassed functional range that supports safe and simple operation in specialized maritime and naval missions.

Both the Radar NX and Naval Radar NX now offer a range of features beyond standard IMO compliance. This provides advanced value to specialized operations, from survey and research missions to environmental protection, ice navigation and military and policing tasks.

Among others, the new radar app's features include:

  • Helicopter guidance enables the operator to guide the helo-crew with application aids (freely configurable landing patterns and grids) to the ship’s landing pad and shore-based landing areas. Includes helo-track filtering.
  • Alarmzone ruler enables the operator to define customizable alarm and guard zones. Alarm zones are own-ship referenced or geo-referenced and can be defined as sectors or rings or freely defined polygons around one’s own ship or at a geographical position.
  • Formation grids of up to 100 ships can be defined by the operation, relative in range and bearing to each other. This includes configurable alerting and course calculation to steer and allow time to intercept.

Radar NX and Naval Radar NX also feature a human-centered design for easy operation and to provide navigators with a clear, well-structured display. The advanced tracker, an optional tactical tracker, the centralized management of targets and alarm zones and the unique clutter suppression technology ensure high performance radar operation under any conditions.

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