Set course for digital documentation!

Anschütz eLog makes it easy to get started with electronic logbooks.

Electronic logbooks are revolutionising documentation on board. Automatic data entries and the digitalisation of previously analogue data bring considerable benefits to shipowners and ship operators and mark the start of smart and paperless shipping.

Nevertheless, the switch from paper to electronic logbooks requires changes in the processes and procedures of documentation on board and ashore.

“With our electronic logbook, we are making the switch from analogue to digital documentation easy”, said Volker Wenzel, Technical Marketing Manager at Anschütz. “During development, we paid great attention to keeping the workflows and structures as close as possible to the analogue documentation shipowners and crews are familiar with.”

The content of the electronic logbook eLog was developed in close cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of paper logbooks as well as experienced captains and youth navigators. The user interface was developed by experienced app developers with the highest focus on usability.

“We have received excellent feedback from captains and officers who are already using our eLog”, said Wenzel. “In addition, at Anschütz, we understand the challenges of the transition and offer customers extensive support to help them get started with electronic logbooks.”

Following measures simplify the transition from analogue to digital logbooks:

  • Clear, structured, phase-based process from first vessel to whole fleet implementation
  • Computer-based training for the crew
  • Remote support of shore team and vessel crew
  • Online question-and-answer sessions for shore and vessel crew
  • Assistance for adjustment of ISM code Anschütz’s eLog contains the largest scope of relevant log and record books.

In line with standards such as ISO 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74), it enables automatic data entry, provides templates and intuitive workflows and ensures the secure archiving of data. In addition to simplification for the vessel’s crew, high data availability and data quality as well as the continued usability of digital on-board data by various maritime stakeholders are decisive advantages of eLog.

eLog is a bridge system agnostic and can also be easily integrated into systems from other manufacturers. Leading classification societies and numerous flag states recognise the eLog as a fully-fledged equivalent to paper logbooks.

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