Top 5 advantages of electronic logbooks

With the electronic logbook eLog, Anschütz is revolutionising reporting onboard ships.

The electronic logbook eLog by Anschütz is the successor to the classic paper logbook. The eLog provides ship navigation, manoeuvring and command records in a digital format in accordance with ISO standard 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74).

The eLog is recognised by classes and flag states as the full equivalent of a traditional logbook. It is easy to use, secure and can make the documentation and further use of onboard data much more efficient.

Here are the top 5 advantages of the Anschütz eLog over paper logbooks:

  • Improved accuracy thanks to automated data input (sensor readout in accordance with IEC 61162-450), data validation and error-avoiding workflows
  • More efficiency and faster data entry thanks to modern user interfaces and simple templates created by experienced masters and logbook makers
  • Easy integration with other systems (e.g. fleet management, voyage optimisation, statement of facts etc.) enabling the further use of consistent and comprehensive onboard data ashore
  • Fast and accurate one-click reporting, easy retrieval and control of data from ashore at any time, simplified audit processes
  • Better data security and protection against loss, damage or manipulation thanks to additional protection layer and blockchain technology

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