Who will get the 25,000th Standard 22 gyrocompass?

Legendary Anschütz gyrocompass has been a complete success for 20 years

At Anschütz, the machines producing parts of the gyrocompass are running at full speed. Modern, automated machines manufacture the parts with an extreme precision that is less than a hair’s breadth. Employees with decades of experience carefully control and monitor the process and check the quality of the manufactured parts.

The gyrospheres are then assembled by hand in the clean room and subsequently subjected to intensive individual testing in a multi-stage process. Genuine workmanship that pays off in the quality of the most popular gyrocompass of all time.

Anschütz has sold almost 25,000 Standard 22 family compasses, with more and more replacement spheres being added every year. After an average of five years, the gyrospheres are sent back from the field to Anschütz for overhaul, during which all wearing parts are replaced. The refurbished gyrospheres must fulfil the same performance requirements and pass the same quality tests as new ones before they are put back into circulation in the field.

In this way, Anschütz supports compass models over several decades, ensuring reliability and performance as well as preserving the value of the investment for our customers. The refurbishment of gyrospheres also conserves resources and contributes to greater sustainability in shipping.

What characterises the current gyrocompass?
The Standard 22 NX is the latest Anschütz gyrocompass. Standard 22 NX utilises Anschütz's proven and superior sensor technology and offers maximum reliability and accuracy even under harsh conditions. It owes its unique robustness to inductive and optical data transmission which eliminates the need for slip rings. The Standard 22 NX is slip ring-free. Further to this, its unique resistant design significantly reduces the effects of vibrations or ship movements on heading accuracy. Finally, superior system functions ensure maximum stability and availability of heading information for safe navigation at all times.

Standard 22 NX also impresses with its outstanding price/performance ratio over the entire life cycle, which it achieves thanks to the high long-term stability and service life of the gyrosphere as well as long maintenance intervals.

The Standard 22 NX is the successor to the Standard 22 gyrocompass which Anschütz has been building since 2004. It belongs to the same compass family and is based on the same technology but offers far more flexibility in terms of interfaces. Additional NMEA interfaces enable the connection to further course receivers, and modern Ethernet interfaces enable a simple and cost-effective integration into LAN-based systems.

The installation of the Standard 22 NX is simplified by means of a web server, and the time required for configuration is significantly reduced compared to conventional compasses. The Standard 22 NX therefore also offers clear advantages over other systems in the field, where service time means hard cash.

Standard 22 NX uses the same accessories as the Standard 22 such as repeater compasses or data distribution units. This means that a Standard 22 NX can be easily integrated into an existing compass system or replace old gyrocompasses.

The availability of technical services, spare parts and replacement spheres is also guaranteed for the Standard 22 family in the long term.

Standard 22 compass family and its predecessors
The history of Anschütz began when Hermann Anschuetz-Kaempfe came across gyro technology while searching for a compass that could also be used near the North Pole. After some experiments, he invented the gyrocompass for ships. As a result, the Anschütz company was founded in 1905 and the production of compasses began.

A person that was also involved in the further development of the gyrocompass was Albert Einstein, with whom Anschütz achieved a breakthrough in the technology of the free-floating dual gyro system in the mid-1920s that is still relevant today.

In 1956, Anschütz introduced the Standard 4, a dual gyro compass system with a floating gyrosphere, which was considered extremely reliable and powerful for decades. Over more than 30 years, the compass was sold over 8,000 times, which surpassed all other compass models. It wasn't that long ago that Anschütz finally stopped reconditioning and replacing gyrospheres for this model, which speaks for the quality of this compass.

After the Standard 4, Anschütz sold various, mostly smaller compass variants. The Standard 20 was the most successful compass for seagoing vessels of all kinds from the mid-1990s onwards but did not achieve the record figures of the Standard 4.

Then, the Standard 22 was launched. Thanks to its robust design without slip rings, it quickly became the first choice for ships that demanded a high degree of reliability and function, even under demanding sea conditions. In 2004, the first Standard 22 gyrocompass was installed on the offshore supply vessel Bourbon Jade, followed a year later by the 1,000th gyrocompass on the Swedish oil tanker Fox Sunrise. The 10,000th gyrocompass was installed on the Norwegian platform supply ship REM Mist in 2011.

Who will install the 25,000th Standard 22 gyrocompass?
This year, we will manufacture and sell the 25,000th gyrocompass in the Standard 22 compass family. This figure is an honour for the quality and superior performance of the Anschütz Standard 22 and, at the same time, an incentive and obligation for us and the entire Anschütz Group to continue investing in the quality of our gyrocompasses as well as in the sustainable support of our customers in the field.

We are extremely excited to see where we will discover this compass on board...

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