Integrated bridge systems for commercial ships

When deciding for Anschütz integrated bridge systems (IBS), customers will always benefit from reliable, state-of-the-art systems, and also from individual and dedicated customer services.

Anschütz has outstanding expertise and experience in providing customized integrated bridge systems to advanced commercial ships, including but not limited to ferries and cruise ships, research and survey vessels, offshore and wind farm service ships, and sophisticated or safety-sensitive tanker and cargo vessels.

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of the Synapsis NX and experience the latest in integrated bridge systems

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3D Virtual Tour of of the Synapsis NX

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Synapsis NX enables customized bridge systems

Our integrated bridge systems are centered around the state-of-the-art and IMO-compliant Synapsis NX integrated navigation system.

Synapsis NX uses standardized, commercial hardware and LAN components and the “Bridge Integration Platform” as the common backbone, to which workstations and applications can be added and configured with the highest flexibility. The backbone provides centralized sensor and target management as well as intelligent alert management for the entire bridge system, so that operators need to interact with a single system only and have consistent information at any workplace.

Multifunctional workstations integrate our Radar NX, ECDIS NX, and Conning NX applications, and optional further OEM systems such as CCTV or the dynamic positioning system – as required by the respective customer.

Manual steering gear control systems, autopilots with track control, as well as radars, gyro compasses and other sensors can easily be added to the IBS.

Customer support and worldwide after sales service

Anschütz stands for firm and flexible handling of customer requirements, reliable customer relations and excellent customer services – wherever you navigate.

Experienced engineers and technicians with decades of experience in commercial shipping ensure the individual best solutions and competent technical support, near by the customer, during project stage and after delivery.

Our project managers guide customers from the first outline and specification of systems through realization and on-time delivery to setting in operation, with individual advice and technical support. After delivery, we offer central service coordination, immediate spare parts supply, worldwide maintenance and repair, individual logistic support and service contracts, training for crews and maintainers, as well as retrofit solutions across the whole life cycle.

Key Benefits

Customized systems of standardized components

  • Multifunctional workstations provide any function at any place, thus increase awareness and empower the crew
  • Less distraction and a clear situational picture thanks to consistent data and designations through the system and intelligent central alert management
  • Built-in redundancy for maximum availability of data and function
  • Advanced function of ECDIS and radar for comfort, efficiency and safety
  • Modern and intuitive user interfaces simplify familiarization and operation
  • Standardized system architecture enables updates / upgrades and simplifies servicing
  • Worldwide service organization for lowest downtimes and less admin workload
  • Full compliance with INS Performance Standards and other IMO standards

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