Welcome. Please note our new website address anschuetz.com. Anschütz is no longer a subsidiary business of Raytheon Technologies and has a new owner in DMB Dr. Dieter Murmann Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. We continue to serve our customers and partners as before.

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Gyro compasses and repeaters

Anschütz offers sophisticated and cutting edge gyro compass technology based on over 115 years of experience. Anschütz also offers maintenance-free solid-state gyros.

Standard 22 NX will continue the tradition of Anschütz gyro compasses, which are known for rock-solid performance and an unbeatable price-performance ratio over a long lifetime.

The Standard 30 MF is our maintenance-free gyro compass provides highly accurate heading, rate-of-turn, roll and pitch information.

Over the past decade, gyro compass technology and onboard infrastructure were continuously developed. A new gyro compass system helps to reduce regular maintenance and prevents unplanned downtimes. Refitting contributes to more efficient ship operation.

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Gyro compass refit