Megayacht Integrated Bridge Systems

Anschütz engineers and supports most advanced, customized integrated bridge systems for megayachts, offering customers maximum flexibility in design as well as reliability and comfort in navigation.

We serve our megayacht customers as a trustful and competent partner in newbuilding or refit projects. Loaded with quality and innovation from across our portfolio, powered by the expertise and passion of our employees, and backed by the experience from more than 150 large megayacht projects.

Excellence in bridge integration

A well thought out bridge design contributes to an attractive wheelhouse surrounding, making the megayacht bridge a comfortable public area covering only indispensable devices for navigation and control.

In the center of the integrated bridge system, the Synapsis NX Integrated Navigation System (INS) makes navigation and bridge operations easier, more efficient and safer. Synapsis NX concentrates the central services of the bridge system and returns consistent sensor data, target designations and alerts, so that users interact with a single, harmonized system. This leads to less stress, better situation assessment, and confidence in decision making.

Using standardized components and modular, LAN-based system architecture opens up a wide range of seamless and lean design options. Built using standardized components only, we can also adapt the function of the bridge to the customer, at a high-quality level and at almost any project stage. Of course: our integrated bridge systems fulfill class requirements without compromises and meet current and future IMO standards.

Customer benefits

  • Multifunctional workstations for maximum availability of data and function
  • Advanced function of ECDIS and radar for comfort, efficiency and safety
  • Modern, standardized and intuitive user interfaces simplify operations
  • Integration of OEM systems (owner’s choice), e.g. by digital KVM matrix
  • Seamless design thanks to foil panels and 12” panel PCs integrating actuators formerly known from inhomogeneous hardware devices
  • 19” racks allow separating the hardware from the bridge

Smart system architecture

Synapsis comes with a smart “next generation” system architecture – this is what the “NX”stands for. Synapsis NX Workstations can be easily configured according to customer’s individual requirements.

Multifunctional workstations

Synapsis NX consists of multifunctional workstations that use ultra-compact, powerful Small Marine Computers (SMC) with solid-state disk and passive cooling to increase reliability and lifetime. Customers can decide to run the software applications Radar NX, ECDIS NX and Conning NX or any combination in parallel on each computer. Configuration is done easily by software licenses. Solutions for enhanced situational awareness and security, including the integration of camera systems, and further third-party applications can be added as an option.

Bridge integration platform (BIP)

The Bridge Integration Platform (BIP) is the innovative, central software framework of the bridge system. It is part of each workstation and controls all central services of the navigation system, such as data distribution, system and sensor health status monitoring, redundancy and backup management, intelligent alert management, and settings. The BIP ensures the integrity of data as well as availability and consistent handling of data and alerts throughout the entire bridge system.

High performance radars

The NautoScan NX radar transceivers create a high-fidelity radar raw video, which is distributed to the bridge via redundant Gigabit LAN. The raw data processing on workstation level ensures high flexibility and optimized performance for collision avoidance or any other end-user application. The radar also supports an advanced radar video merge without quality losses and interference.

LAN-based data distribution

The NautoPlex Serial to LAN converters collect and convert all serial sensor data as well as status information to LAN. The workstations then have full access to the sensor data as well as to the raw radar videos via LAN, this makes the system even more flexible and scalable and also adds redundancy to the system. Moreover, cabling is more transparent and related efforts much reduced.

We support your dreams

Our “Yacht Crew” is an experienced and specialized team for all megayacht customers, offering competent and immediate support with regard to the special characteristics and needs which may arise during a megayacht project.

Our project managers put the individual design of the bridge in the foreground and harmonize it with ergonomics, space requirements and technical feasibility. When realizing the system design we take advantage of a close relationship with shipyards partners and local system integrators and, if required, our ability of in-house engineering and development.

We offer central service coordination, immediate spare parts supply, and worldwide maintenance and repair, as well as training and retrofit solutions for the whole life.

Customers value our flexible handling of customer needs, our reliable and firm order processing, and our commitment to deliver as promised.

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