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Our unique expertise in the integration of bridge and navigation systems, and our strong focus on customer-oriented program management, engineering, logistics and after sales services have made Anschütz a trustworthy and long-term partner for more than 50 international navies. We deliver to the world’s most advanced naval programs such as Type 26 and Type 31 for the UK Royal Navy, or the German Navy F125. Our customers benefit from our first-hand knowledge in navigation systems and surveillance, and from our experience in customized system integration, system safety and program management.



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Setting the standard for navigation

We are moving navigation forward by bridging innovation and experience, and matching it with a passion for providing safe and reliable seafaring solutions. From gyros and radars through warship electronic chart display and information systems (WECDIS) and steering gear control systems to a fully customized integrated navigation and bridge system, we can provide the entire scope of advanced maritime navigation systems. Bringing together navigation, tactical operation and area surveillance, the Warship Integrated Navigation and Bridge System (WINBS) sets the new standard for high-performance and highly effective naval bridge system.

Our portfolio is the starting point for growing customer value through the innovation and integration of capabilities such as situational awareness displays (including C2 systems), visual surveillance systems (VSS), or automation into the bridge system, and through the design of solutions for unmanned operation missions and the era of AI-based, more automated vehicles.

Main Features

  • Multifunctional workstations, including tactical radars, warship electronic chart display and information systems (WECDIS), and situation awareness capability
  • Naval data management, including combat management system (CMS) integration
  • Precise and managed configuration control to maintain safety approvals
  • Integration of navigation and surveillance radars, visual surveillance system (VSS), manual and automatic steering control, and navigation sensors
  • Including sensors and systems integration of customer-choice (GFE)
  • Use of customer-provided hardware, including shared computing environment
  • Customized cyber security solutions

Trust the expert for naval navigation solutions

As an expert for the integration of bridge and navigation systems we are committed to support the mission success of our customers and to design smart, forward-looking solutions that customers can rely on today and in future.

We act as a single responsible integrator for the entire bridge system and beyond, including the integration of customer-specific sensors and systems (GFE/GFX). Our vast experience in customized system integration and program management enables us to ensure execution to expectation, and significantly reduces risk and workload for customers.

Our experienced program managers accompany the respective customer through the dedicated design phase and the related program milestones and reviews. This includes requirements and acceptance management as well as configuration and obsolescence management. Through several major programs we have further grown our vast experience in conducting system safety analyses and designing IT security measures as required by the respective customer and platform. We also take care for subcontract management including local industry participation, comprehensive logistic support and much more. After delivery we offer comprehensive service support for setting-in-operation, trials and training to operators and maintainers. This also includes customized in-service support contacts.

Navigation tailored to naval requirements

Synapsis Naval is our latest generation of a WINBS. It is centered around a highly flexible, open architecture software backbone, called the “Bridge Integration Platform” (BIP). The BIP makes the bridge smart and ensures the integrity, consistency and reliability of information. Software modules enable dedicated functions at any place, empowering the operator to manage any situation from any display.

Our new Naval ECDIS NX and Naval Radar NX applications have a wide scope of tactical and military features to significantly improve tactical capabilities and situational awareness. By means of simple software configurations customized capability upgrades are always possible. The systems use a common hardware and are continuously maintained to remain in compliance with current and future IMO regulations at any time. We can deliver solutions using standard navigation radars up to solid-state surveillance radars. We can extend our solutions by a suite of commercial and military sensors and systems, as required by the customer and mission.

Integrated logistics support (ILS) and In-service support (ISS)

Anschütz supports naval customers with a range of after sales services, including ILS and ISS. Our customized ILS takes all of the customer specific requirements into account and characterizes all relevant logistic support measures as a prerequisite for economical and effective operation of technical equipment.

ISS packages are customized solutions that cover performance-related payments to ensure maximum system availability at predictable low costs. Further key factors are the handling of obsolescence, refreshing through technical updating, ensuring a suitable training level and documentation updates.

Key Benefits

Navies & operators

  • Modern, consistent HMI for intuitive operation and safe navigation
  • Advanced features for IMO navigation and tactical operation (surveillance)
  • Modular software applications and features (flexibility and scalability through life)
  • Customizable through integration of customer-specific equipment
  • Highest standards of system safety and security (IMO and ANEP-77 Compliant)

Shipyards & integrators

  • Single responsible integrator for entire bridge system (incl. GFX) and beyond
  • Requirements engineering to analyze and realize individual needs
  • Program and suppliers’ management reduces customer risk and workload
  • Modern network infrastructure for reduced complexity and easier integration
  • SNI and SCE capable (shared network infrastructure and computing environment)
  • Standardized COTS technology: low risk, low NREs, optimized value for money

Logistics & services

  • Reliable life cycle support through a global service organization and local partners
  • Comprehensive service support during installation, trials, and warranty
  • COTS/MOTS technology with fewer spare parts simplifies logistics and service
  • Integration of GFE and GFX to support fleet commonality
  • Dedicated support solutions to meet Navy specific requirements
  • Intuitive familiarization, reducing crew training

With the introduction of SYNTACS - Synapsis Tactical Command System, Anschütz transforms the integrated bridge system to an effective combat system or mission management solution for small to medium naval platforms without a dedicated combat management system.

please refer to Tactical Command System

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