Battery Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System
ship safety and battery maintenance

The battery monitoring systems provide continuous health check of the battery, enhancing decisions on mission profile, ship safety and battery maintenance.

The Wireless Battery Monitoring System S 52 is the central measuring and evaluation system for main batteries aboard submarines. It continuously and directly indicates the most important data on the condition of the batteries and consequently supplies decision aids for operational and tactical intents.

Featuring new wireless technology the S 52 system measures voltage and acid temperature of every battery cell and calculate all relevant data of the complete battery bank of the submarine such as battery power, discharged capacity and status of all battery cells. The measured data is processed and battery status and system status are displayed on the control unit. The wireless layout of the sensors reduces the cabling and mounting effort of units in the battery room for new building and refit. In particular since a mixture of conventional sensors with wireless sensors is possible, the S 52 battery monitoring system is very well suited for customized retrofit purposes.

Main Features

  • Current and complete battery status at all times
  • Directed maintenance indication
  • Decision aids for operational intents
  • Tremendously reduced cabling and installation effort
  • Reduced repair cycle time per sensor
  • Easy to integrate during overhaul