eLog (electronic logbook)

eLog - electronic logbook by Anschütz
Digitized books with high data quality and global data access

Anschütz eLog is an electronic logbook for ships. The eLog revolutionises documentation with automated and digitised logbook entries that eliminate the cost and effort of paper logbook logistics. Customers also benefit from high data quality and global data access.

Integrated with data exchange services, voyage analytics systems and decision-support solutions, eLog enables the transition of a formerly manual and error-prone process of data collection and transfer into a single-sourced digital process chain for maritime data.

Just like the electronic chart display and information system has replaced the paper nautical chart, the electronic logbook is revolutionising the classic paper logbook. Electronic logbooks offer clear advantages over traditional paper logbooks, including the accuracy of the data, efficiency gains through simplified reports and data queries, and the usability of the data.

Key Benefits

Efficient and cost-effective

eLog is the starting point for more efficient processes onboard and for reports.

  • Full scope of all required log- and record books for seagoing ships make paperless possible
  • No more costs and efforts for paper logbook logistic and handling
  • User-friendly templates reduce workload for crew
  • Fast and accurate one-click reporting, simplified audit processes
  • Low initial cost for installation (can be done by ship’s electrician)
  • Continuous updates according relevant regulations

Global data access

eLog provides consistent and transparent information for ship- and shore-based stakeholders.

  • Owner has full control about data
  • Data access and shore-side inspection of data is possible from anywhere at any time through a modern, generic web interface
  • Growing scope of applications and integration with other systems enhance use beyond documentation (source for consistent, reliable data from onboard ships)
  • Better data security and protection against loss, damage or manipulation

High data quality

eLog eliminates the risk of improperly filled or incomplete logbooks.

  • Logbook data entries are legible, consistent and complete
  • Improved accuracy thanks to automated data input (sensor readout acc. to IEC 61162-450) and data validation
  • Modern user interface and simple templates (created by experienced masters and logbook makers) enable fast and reliable logbook entries
  • Plausibility checks and validation of logbook data
  • Secure, tamperproof digital archiving of data (blockchain)

eLog is a class and flag-approved logbook

Stay compliant with our class and flag approved logbook. eLog is class approved by DNV and accepted by major flags to be used instead of paper logbooks. The list of flag states that allow replacing paper logbooks with the eLog electronic logbook is continuously growing. Contact our team to clarify your specific request.

eLog scope of books and functions

Anschütz can offer the electronic logbook in several licence levels for different use cases. A basic licence includes, among others, the deck logbook, the bell book and the engine logbook and is perfect for small vessels such as tugboats, workboats or coast guard ships. Licences are also available for cargo ships, container ships and tankers, and an all-encompassing selection of books and reports is available for ships operating paperless.

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Experience the Anschütz eLog:

Automated data entries

Anschütz eLog - How it works

From paper to digital

High-quality digital data

All traditional logbook entries can be made and viewed. The user enters new logbook entries with consistently high quality, regardless of disruptive factors such as fatigue, stress or weather. Incorrect entries can be edited, the change is displayed in a traceable manner. Vessel particulars can be set, engine and equipment can be configured. eLog consists of a small gateway computer and a web browser application. The scope of the eLog may vary on customer needs and vessel configuration. eLog is independent of the manufacturer of the AIS or the navigation systems.

Main Features

High quality logbook data, high efficiency, paperless shipping.

  • Includes all relevant log- & record books (bridge & deck, engine, MARPOL, Sscurity, medicine), reporting, IMO crew list, secure file upload, watch order as well cloud service with remote access
  • Unambiguous entries, presentation of data in a legible and searchable form
  • Simple, time-saving search and filter function
  • Linked records visualize dependent logbook entries (e.g. pilots, tugs), making entries easier and less error-prone
  • Easy access to the history of the logbook data with day filter
  • Creation of reports, printing and exporting data kept simple
  • Personalized users, approval workflow through all command levels
  • Sustainable and compliant digital information carrier of ship's operation documentation

Type approval & standards

  • IEC 60945:2002 Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems
  • ISO 21745:2019 (Electronic record books for ships — Technical specifications and operational requirements)
  • MEPC 312(74)- Guidelines for the use of electronic record books under MARPOL
  • Type of enclosure acc. to IEC 60529 IP20

Not just a logbook: single source for onboard maritime data

eLog is easy to integrate with other systems and enables the further use of consistent and comprehensive data from on board to ashore. Transforming numerous manual data processes into a digital chain of data for exchange, processing and analysis simplifies reporting and delivers valuable voyage insights in real time for shore-based stakeholders.

Integration of eLog with SOFeXChange by Osiris

Records entered into the eLog are automatically captured on the statement of facts (SOF) and provided to shore-based voyage stakeholders in real time.

Integration of eLog with Podium5 by StratumFive

Real-time data from the eLog is transferred to and analyzed by the voyage informatics platform to build a broader, more reliable picture of voyage performance or efficiency.

Integration of eLog with the s-Suite by StormGeo

The s-Suite uses eLog data to ensure compliance, provide voyage insights, increase transparency between ship and shore-based users, and support a ‘completely paperless’ ship governance strategy.

Integration of eLog with FleetMon by Jakota Cruise Systems

AIS data around the vessel is tracked, to enable vessel's owner analyzing own operation with best possible quality based on live or historical data.

Technical Data

Supply voltage & power consumption

  • 24 V DC (18-34 V DC)
  • Approx. 10 W

Data input

  • AIS Transceiver 61162-1 / 61162-2 (NMEA) telegrams: position, speed and course over ground, heading
  • Ship network IEC 61162-450 additional own ship and environmental and navigation data
  • eLogbook Cloud (web based)

Data output

  • VDR connection NMEA telegrams
  • CAM connection Alerts according to IEC 62923-1/-2 bridge alert management
  • eLogbook Cloud (web based) Access to view data and create exports
  • StormGeo S-insight log

Storage capacity

  • Main 128 GB (> 10 years with normal use)
  • Backup 128 GB (> 10 years with normal use)

In accordance with

  • IEC 60945: 2002 Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems
  • ISO 21745:2019 Electronic record books for ships
  • MEPC 312(74)- Guidelines for the use of electronic record books under MARPOL

Type of enclosure acc. to IEC 60529

  • IP20

Temperature range

  • Operation: -40 °C … 65 °C
  • Storage: -40 °C … 75 °C

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Get started with electronic logbooks

Anschütz makes the transition from paper to electronic logbooks easy. eLog is approved by flag states and classification societies and stands out thanks to its superior range of books and functions. Above all, it is easy to install and use on board. Thanks to our co-operation with logbook experts from Formularus Verlag, the design of the eLog is strongly orientated towards traditional logbooks and supports the easy transition from paper to electronic logbooks. Read more

Discover the advantages of the electronic logbook

Anschütz has designed eLog with an unrivalled range of smart functions and books. With eLog, shipowners can now take an important step towards paperless shipping. The eLog stands out with its wide range of functions and with the most comprehensive list of flags and books. Customers benefit from greater efficiency, ease of use, data accuracy, better reporting, and potential for further utilisation of the data. Discover the advantages of the electronic logbook!

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