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NautoPilot 5000 NX

NautoPilot 5000 NX -
where high precision meets efficiency


NautoPilot 5000NX is a new Anschütz autopilot. It combines high-precision steering for maximum safety with a wide range of fuel-saving features that reduce emissions and cost.

NautoPilot 5000 NX is the ideal autopilot solution for ships 100 meters in length or longer.



Key Benefits

Safe steering

Crews can rely on intuitive operation and full fingertip control – even in dangerous situations.

  • Clear presentation of all navigational information on a large 7” graphical touch display
  • User adjustable limits for permanent sensor and performance monitoring
  • Clear mode indication for operational safety, e.g. in override situations (with NautoSteer AS)

Precise steering

Proven steering algorithms ensure highly precise and reliable steering in all modes.

  • Heading control mode, and in addition course control and track control modes
  • In course control mode the autopilot compensates drift deviations automatically
  • Approved as part of a track control system in combination with ECDIS NX

Secure investment

NautoPilot 5000 NX is your best choice today and ready for the future:

  • Long product lifecycle and a standardized, future-proof hardware
  • Support of standardized bridge alert management
  • Support of standardized Ethernet communication according to IEC 61162-450 (most installations will use Ethernet in future)

NautoPilot 5000 NX fuel-saving autopilot

Years of experience in the field has shown that Anschütz autopilots help save significantly on fuel. Designed using these experiencers, NautoPilot 5000 NX provides the widest range of features in the market that alone and in combination help to reduce fuel consumption.

Heading & Rudder Plot

Rudder activity increases fuel consumption and costs. The Heading & Rudder Plot provides an instant overview about heading, set heading and rudder activity. This transparency allows the bridge team to monitor steering performance, and adjust and optimize autopilot settings in order to minimize rudder activity.

Course Control

In Course Control mode, NautoPilot 5000 NX steers the vessel on a course-over-ground line and automatically compensates for drift deviations. The travelled distance between two points is reduced to a minimum automatically, and sailing the shortest distance has effect on fuel consumption. Continuous heading adjustments lead to smaller rudder angles and less loss of speed compared to manual operation.

ECOnomy Mode (Adaptive Mode)

The ECO mode makes the NautoPilot 5000 NX smart. The autopilot permanently monitors the actual yawing movements of the vessel, depending on load and sea conditions. Symmetrical movements as well as movements that do not need to be corrected due to the inertial behavior of the ship are filtered out and not corrected by the autopilot. The result: permanent fuel savings through less rudder activity at the push of a button.

Toe Angles (dual rudder vessels)

With Toe Angle, NautoPilot 5000 NX provides fuel saving for dual rudder vessels. The steering characteristics and energy efficiency are optimized with an offset (toe angle) of the rudders to each other. Test runs with real installations have proven significant fuel savings of up to 2.5% when the toe angle is set optimally considering speed and draught.

Full control thanks to intuitive autopilot operation

NautoPilot 5000 NX is easy to operate via its large graphical touch screen. It's new feature, the Simplified View, offers a well-arranged presentation of relevant information at a glance. Autopilot operation and parameter adjustments become possible by simply touching the relevant area of the display. Navigators can rely on full steering control at their fingertips.

NautoPilot 5000 NX is easy to integrate in newbuilding or refit projects

The best way is to combine NautoPilot 5000 NX with a NautoSteer AS steering gear control system by using the redundant CAN bus without requiring a separate interface unit. Remote operator units can be connected via Ethernet.

For use in combination with other steering gear control systems or in refits, an autopilot interface unit is available. This interface unit provides a multitude of interfaces to the steering gear control system or directly to the steering gear. NautoPilot 5000 NX stand-alone installations can also be extended with additional remote operator units, or with tillers / handwheels to form a compact steering control system.

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