NautoScan NX

NautoScan NX
Anschütz network radar transceivers leads your way!

Marine radars are X band or S band radars on ships, used to detect other ships and land obstacles, to provide bearing and distance for collision avoidance and navigation at sea.

The NautoScan NX network radar transceivers distribute the radar raw video via Ethernet to an unlimited number of radar workstations on the bridge.

Main Features

Better performance, more flexibility

  • Redundant Gigabit LAN video distribution
  • Raw radar video processing for high flexibility and optimized performance
  • Cost reduction: State-of-the art technology, no coaxialcable, less cabling effort, no interswitch
  • Newly constructed and optimized components for a future-proof design with built-in reliability
  • Built-in test and fault indicator
  • Improved accessibility for simplified servicing
  • Entire system is designed for easier installation

Pedestal and electronics have been carefully re-designed using state-of-the art and maintenance-free technology to contribute to trouble-free installation, fast and easy servicing and finally optimized cost of ownership.

Magnetron lifetime is optimized through a “sleep mode” which can be activated when the radar is in standby. Additionally, all transceivers integrate a continuous performance monitoring function. This function automatically measures transceiver performance and provides early maintenance warnings. Extended built-in tests, fault indicators, as well as a new removable tray for the complete electronics help speed up service and exchanging of parts.

Radar NX software

The Radar NX Software is designed in accordance with human centered design and requiring little or no training. Optimized grouping of data and current settings allow a superior overview and instant determination of the situation and interpretation of the radar picture.

Learn more about the our Radar NX software

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