NautoSteer Advanced Steering

Anschütz offers highly accurate, safe and flexible manual steering gear control systems, which can be configured according to any customer requirements. The systems are known for their unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Advanced Steering Gear Control System

NautoSteer AS is our advanced steering gear control system for customers that require reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range. Its modular system architecture enables standardized and cost-effective solutions as well as individual and advanced system configurations. A common user-interface with take-over functions at any device supports intuitive and user-friendly operation. At shipyards, state-of-the-art technology and computer-based commissioning improve and simplify installation and wiring.

Key Benefits

Steering performance

NautoSteer AS includes useful features that support safe, comfortable and more efficient operation.

  • Multiple steering positions and components can be used
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation with take-over function and give-over function
  • Central alarm reset and central dimming, consistent haptic and operation of all components
  • Customized steering stands and rudder angle indicator systems

Installation and servicing

Installation and wiring are fairly simple and offer benefits to shipyards, integrators and owners:

  • Installation with standard cables, computer-based commissioning, and configurations via software
  • Modification or extension by simply adding components to CAN bus and power supply
  • Less error-prone and less expensive than conventional systems
  • Global service network in case you need help

Secure investment

Best value for newbuilding and refit projects.

  • Ease of use service features for simple and safe commissioning
  • Easy to integrate into various system environments, and extendable with NautoSteer AS tillers for the design of compact steering gear control systems
  • Compliant to latest performance and test standards for bridge alert management and standardized Ethernet communication (IEC 61162-450)

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Main Features

reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range

  • Integrated safety features: NautoSteer AS is based on reliable CAN bus technology and includes integrated safety features such as wire break monitoring, permanent steering failure monitoring, and data integrity monitoring.
  • Simple change-over of steering modes: The central element of NautoSteer AS are two independent modes: “NFU Direct” and “Main”. This supports transparent and intuitive operation – the crew benefits from fast and safe decision making when time is crucial.
  • “NFU Direct” mode as secure fallback position: The NFU Direct tiller can be used immediately in an emergency. It controls the steering gear directly by switching a control voltage – no use of further electronics.
  • Comfortable steering in “Main” mode: In “Main” mode the CAN bus based steering gear control system is activated. This mode allows steering of the vessel with steering controls such as follow-up tillers, non-follow-up tillers or autopilot steering.
  • Take-over and give-over of steering positions: The steering control is activated directly at the steering position with a take-over function. Alternatively, a dedicated steering control position can be activated by use of a steering mode operator unit (give-over function).
  • Robustness proven in naval use: NautoSteer AS is extremely reliable. It can be even configured and hardened to meet most stringent of naval requirements, including those for naval combatants and aircraft carriers.

Advanced steering components

NautoSteer AS enables cost-effective standard configurations, but also sophisticated and customized systems. Steering gear control systems are available for ships with single and double rudder, solenoid and proportional actuators, and fore and aft workstations – where required with integration of third party components.

Further system components are Anschütz autopilots NP 5000 and PilotStar NX that are well recognized for superior steering performance and an extended range of functionality for safe, comfortable and efficient steering. All system components have a modular mechanical design for simple installation in consoles, frames and steering stands.

ComPilot 20
turn-key solution for an individual steering gear control system

ComPilot 20 Steering Stand

ComPilot® 20 enables the combination and integration of indication- and operation units according to classification and owners requirement. The modular navigation hardware design permits functional and economical adaption to any applicable specification. Due to their design, Anschütz ComPilot 20 steering stands are suitable for free-standing arrangements as well as space-saving integration between desk arrangements. The ComPilot 20 system is delivered completely wired and tested so only the connection to the ship cabling has to be done.

In addition to the ComPilot 20 steering stand, we also offer customized steering frames in different sizes and configurations. These frames are wired, configured and fully tested at the Anschütz factory. By using these, installation costs and commissioning time are considerably reduced.

Main Features

reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range

  • Combination and integration of indication- and operation units acc. to classification requirements
  • Easy functional integration of additional steering positions
  • Completely tested and ready for connection (pre-wiring according to classification)
  • Simple, cost efficient installation on board

Rudder Angle Indicator
270° panoramic indication

Rudder angle indicator systems can include a 270° panoramic indication as well as indicators with different sizes, scales, type of installations and protection grade. Steering stands and steering frames are available as customized, turn-key solutions, delivered pre-wired, configured and fully tested for fast, simple and cost-efficient installation.

The product line is completed by a rudder angle transmitter and a signal calibration box that allows the perfect and simple adjustment of the system for up to ten indicators.The rudder angle indicator system is a type approved and fulfils the latest normative references.

Main Features

reliability, safety and an outstanding functional range

  • Three-face rudder angle indicator with 270° panoramic indication
  • Rudder angle indicators with different dimensions
  • Different rudder scales depending on the rudder angle
  • Internal or external dimming control
  • Protection grades for indoor and outdoor use
  • Signal calibration box for perfect and simple adjustment of the system

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