Nav Data Repeater

Nav Data Repeater
Data for heading, set heading, speed and rate-of-turn

The Nav Data Repeater is a multi-functional display and converter unit. Data for heading, set heading, speed and rate-of-turn can be displayed. Heading changes are additionally visually indicated by a LED tape indicator. The speed of the indication is proportional to the rate-of-turn of the ship – a helpful indication.

The Nav Data Repeater converts also synchro and step signals from old gyro compasses and speed log data (200 pulses/nm) into NMEA telegrams. Thus, the Nav Data Repeater can perfectly be used for retrofit when connecting new equipment such as autopilots, VDR or AIS to old equipment such as gyro compasses with synchro or step output.

Main Features

  • Displays heading, course to steer, speed, based on NMEA telegrams
  • Rate-of-turn tendency indicator
  • Converts various synchro / step heading signals and pulse log (200 p/nm) into NMEA for output and display
  • Converts older NMEA telegrams to NMEA version 2.3

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