Naval Radar NX

Naval Radar NX
best radar performance for gray and blue forces!

Naval Radar NX is an effective detecting application software that enables customers to operate any radar related task from navigation to missions such as SAR, policing, or surveillance within a single, intuitive user interface. The modular approach enables upgrades in functionality by pure means of software as needed for a specific mission.


Key Benefits


clear, precise radar picture, from navigation to mission.

  • Reliable, best radar performance in severe weather operation, small target detection, and helicopter guidance
  • Raw radar video processing and advanced target tracking, individual PPI organization and filtering on each console
  • Unique automatic clutter suppression for an unparalleled clear target display under any condition (CFAR technology)

Capability enhancement

Advanced IMO functionality, plus tools and perspective for surveillance and tactical operation.

  • High performance target management and target association (ARPA/AIS)
  • Consistent use of qualified, data (data is checked for integrity, validity and plausibility)
  • Features to support special tasks and missions:
    area and zone management, intrusion detection and intercept, stationing manager, helicopter guidance

Effective and free of risk

effective and flexible basis with modular feature enhancements.

  • Wide range of type-approved radar sensors (navigation and solid-state surveillance radars)
  • Modular software design and a multitude of features offer flexibility through life (easy upgrades)
  • Support of operational considerations as well as fleet-wide logistics
  • Low risk and compliant without NREs: type approved, proven in European navies

Main Features

Platform capabilities for navigation, situation awareness, and helicopter guidance

  • Intuitive, well-structured user interface with quick access to essential functions
  • Parallel index line (PIL) functionality with up to 99 PILs
  • Management and presentation of tactical targets
  • Track labeling and advanced filtering
  • Alert and guard zone management
  • Calculation of intercept point and course to steer
  • User defined dynamic blanking sectors
  • Fully IEC62388 type approved as Navigation Radar

Naval Radar NX features

Alarmzone ruler

This feature enables the operator to define customizable alarm and guard zones. Alarm zones are own ship referenced and can be defined as sectors or rings around the own ship.

Naval Radar NX features

Formation manager

The operator can define any formation grids up to 100 ships relative in range and bearing to each other, including configurable alerting and calculation of course to steer / time to intercept.

Helo approach

This feature enables the operator to guide the helo-crew with application aids (freely configurable landing patterns and grids) to the ships landing pad and shore based landing areas. Includes helo-trackfiltering.

Integration with navigation or surveillance radar

Naval Radar NX is a perfect solution for coast guard and naval operations, from monitoring asymmetric threats and illegal activities to high-definition sea surface surveillance and short-range air surveillance for helicopter guidance and ship navigation. The combined solution of SCANTER radars and Naval Radar NX software enables customers to operate any radar related task from navigation to missions such as SAR, policing, surveillance, and more.

NautoScan NX is a state-of-the-art navigation magnetron radar in cost-effective setups for high performance navigation and basic surveillance performance.

Terma SCANTER 2602 are maintenance-free radars using solid-state technology for autonomous small target detection and tracking. Terma SCANTER 6002 solid-state radar offers high end navigation and surveillance performance, superior at detecting and autonomous tracking of small targets or performing surveillance in sea-air space with Doppler.

Modular system design

The Naval Radar NX application can be applied for a single workstation, but can also be combined with other navigation and tactical applications (such as WECDIS) at one or multiple multifunctional workstations, as radar master or radar slave.

The system consists of up to five active radar transceivers, eight multifunctional workstations and additional displays and radar planning stations. The workstations can be equipped with high performance SMCs as well as 19”, 24”, 26” and 27” displays. A console, delivered off-the-shelf but engineered for military use, is available.

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