Rate-of-Turn Gyro

Rate-of-Turn Gyro

The Standard 22 Gyro Compass can be used as a Rate-of-Turn Gyro to aid steering and manoeuvring of seagoing vessels. The gyro element is a component of the well-proven Anschütz gyro technology and thus a guarantee for reliability, precision and long life; developed for round-the-clock operation. The use of the most modern microprocessor technology for internal process and signal treatment makes the rate-of-turn indicator an intelligent, selfmonitoring sensor which can be integrated very flexibly into sophisticated navigation systems. The operator- and indicator unit with either 30°/min, 100°/min or 300°/min scale can be supplied for flush mounting or with a casing and tiltable bracket for desktop mounting.

Main Features

  • Robust, reliable sensor based on a professional gyro system
  • Simple installation on board
  • Operating surface of the operator- and indicator unit in modern soft key technique
  • Microprocessor-controlled data processing and -output
  • Galvanic separation from ship’s mains with protection against reversal of poles
  • Variable outputs for radar, riverpilot and RoT- and data processing periphery

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