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Submarine 3D Steering Control

Submarine 3D Steering Control
complete submarine steering and diving control

Submarine 3D-steering control by Anschütz is the result of a long lasting experience in customized solutions for safe and complete submarine steering and diving control.Through the past decades Anschütz has, in close cooperation with the Navies and shipyards, developed and manufactured tailor-made submarine steering and diving control solutions. More than 70 systems for safe and reliable operation have been delivered to various navies all around the world.

Main Features

  • Explicitly customized solutionsSuperior Anschütz 3D autopilot
  • Enhances low-noise submarine steering
  • Fully automatic, aided and emergency operation modes

Depending on the configuration, Anschütz submarine 3D-steering control offers three modes of operation, namely

  • Automatic mode: Positions the rudder and hydroplanes according to the 3D autopilot’s control commands (closed loop)
  • Manual/semi-automatic mode: Positions the rudder and hydroplanes as determined by the operator and aids the operator by suggesting how to best control the submarine’s dynamic behavior (man-in-the-loop)
  • Emergency mode: The rudder engines are directly controlled by the operator from the console (open loop)