effective command and control system

SYNTACS NX is an innovative, modular software application for command and control (C2). As a very effective system of systems, SYNTACS encompasses a common operating maritime picture, tactical navigation, mission planning, mission execution and near-shore combat capabilities.

SYNTACS correlates data of all organic and external sensor information and compiles a comprehensive dashboard for the operating picture. Sensors and systems integrated with SYNTACS include navigation or surveillance radars, sonars, video from electro-optical or visual surveillance systems, data from navigational and automation systems, and ballistic modules that control weapon stations.

Includes footage of the HSI32 high-speed interceptor by CMN Naval.

Key Benefits

Maximum mission performance

SYNTACS compiles an immediate, comprehensive maritime picture to support mission success.

  • Significantly enhanced situational awareness through a consistent common operating picture, which also enables interoperability among crewed-uncrewed teaming operations
  • Comprehensive features enable full command of the scene from a single workstation
  • Combining navigation, command-and-control and combat systems on multifunction workstations improves platform capabilities regarding accurate and safe mission execution

Customised capability upgrades

Scalable functions for navigation, tactical command, sensors / effector control, and communications.

  • Additional situational awareness, tactical operation and self-defence capabilities for the CIC or the bridge, saving space by using multifunctional workstations
  • Various scalable extension options to adapt to different missions and individual requirements
  • Sensor-agnostic system for seamless integration and add-on, replacement or removal of individual components
  • Wide-ranging tactical functions and system modules, tailor-made for mission requirements

Effective and free of risk

SYNTACS is a tailor-made and cost-effective solution: you only pay for what you need!

  • Single responsible contractor for development, integration, supply and support
  • Highly affordable system and low lifecycle cost (built on COTS technology)
  • Standardised hardware makes spare parts logistics easier and more flexible
  • Reduced need for training because of standardised user interfaces
  • Customer-proven system with dozens of systems already delivered

Main Features

SYNTACS is a modular command & control system for a wide range of missions, providing advanced tactical functions and allowing the integration of multiple sensors and effectors.

  • Integration on multifunctional workstations with intuitive user interfaces
  • Dashboard showing maritime environment with freely movable sea chart
  • Extensive classification possibilities and tools for tactical manoeuvres
  • Track presentation based on MIL-STD-2525 or others
  • Track list and track history
  • Track filtering controls (range affiliation, source and alarm status)
  • Tactical intercept with heading/speed recommendation
  • Display of sensor range and current alignment
  • Alarm zones and safety areas with freely configurable parameters
  • Intelligent alarm management throughout the entire system

A wide-scope of software modules is available:

  • Electro-optical sensor integration
  • Task force & helicopter management
  • Mission management
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Mine countermeasure
  • Search and rescue
  • Mission data recording
  • Tactical data links
  • USV remote control
  • Fire control system
  • Fire-and-forget missile integration
  • Integration of weapon control

SYNTACS mission solutions: extremely flexible and cost-effective

Anschütz offers navigation systems, combat systems, sensors and actuators combined in a one integrated package. The high system functionalitym, flexibility and overall cost-effectiveness of SYNTACS is achieved through consistent standardization on the base of commercial / military off the shelf (COTS/MOTS) equipement and a functional definition of the system by means of software applications and modules.

With SYNTACS, we provide customers with the basic capability for above-water warfare missions. This ranges from critical infrastructure protection to maritime interdiction operations, low to medium intensity combat management, but also the special capability for mine countermeasure missions. Read more here about Integrated Mission System solutions for small combatants.

58 SYNTACS systems for HSI-32 interceptor

Anschütz has delivered integrated mission systems for navigation and Command and Control (C2) for a total of 58 HSI-32 high-speed interceptors built by the French shipyard CMN, part of CMN NAVAL shipbuilding group, for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces. Click here for the full article.

SYNTACS for Indonesian MCM vessels

Abeking & Rasmussen has selected Anschütz to design and deliver an integrated solution for mine countermeasures (MCM), command and control, and navigation for two mine countermeasures vessels of the Indonesian Navy. The first of the two new vessels, which are among the most modern ships of their kind, is currently successfully completing its sea trials.  Click here for the full article.

Mission: Command the scene

Protecting critical infrastructure, harbors and coast lines is a major task for modern coast guards and navies. They need to be able to deploy fleets of fast and versatile units, such as patrol vessels, to accomplish their missions. Anschütz’ SYNTACS solution is tailor-made to meet even the most demanding functional and logistical requirements. Click here for the whole story.

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