Radar sytems

Anschütz offers state-of-the-art network-based radar transceivers and a new generation of  a revolutionary navigational radar and chart radar software.

An intuitive user interface and a smart range of scalable functionality characterize the new Synapsis Radar NX application.

The Radar NX / Naval Radar NX for commercial and naval applications provide users with a revolutionary intuitive user interface requiring little or no training. Radar NX / Naval Radar NX can use our NautoScan NX network radar transceivers or selected solid-state radar transceivers from the Terma SCANTER series.

Boost radar performance on naval vessels

Surveillance, critical asset protection, security and policing tasks, or search-and-rescue operations are among the typical missions of naval vessels today, among them offshore patrol vessels and coast guard vessels. In addition to navigating through challenging maritime areas with a high sea traffic intensity, crews on board may need to identify suspicious objects, coordinate a helicopter approach or share mission data with other units. Each situation demands a clear and precise analysis. Read the full article here.

Anschütz adds radar functions for research and offshore vessels

Anschütz, introduced functional enhancements to the Radar NX application to meet the specific navigational, operational and environmental requirements of research and offshore vessels. A navigational radar application, Radar NX, with its human-centered design, provides high-performance collision avoidance assistance under the most challenging weather and traffic situations. Click here for the whole story.