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Tactical Command Systems

With the introduction of SYNTACS (Synapsis Tactical Command System), Anschütz transforms the integrated bridge system to an effective combat system or mission management solution for small to medium naval platforms. We design efficient and optimized solutions to fulfill the individual mission requirements of our customers, ranging from RHIBS up to corvettes.

Mission management for small naval vessels

We design customers a turn-key integrated solution for navigation and situational awareness, where required including integrated electro-optical sensor, weapon station or data link to share a common operational picture. SYNTACS supports the crew in the appropriate response to terrorism, piracy, smuggling, illegal immigration and more.

Turn-key solution for mine countermeasure vessels

Customers receive an effective integrated system combining navigation, situational awareness and specific mine countermeasure capabilities. The system allows to plan and execute search operations and to create, classify and manage mine-like objects and other detections supplied by sonar systems, AUV systems or other sources.

System solutions for offshore patrol vessels (OPV)

We act as the total solution integrator for the navigation system and command and control, delivered as a seamlessly integrated system. Depending on customer requirements, the solution can be extended to include electro-optical sensor, identification friend or foe (IFF), electronic support measures (ESM), fire control, and data-link.

Individually optimized mission solutions

SYNTACS is scalable to meet varied operational requirements, including perimeter protection, fishery protection, search and rescue, asymmetric threads and up to maritime interdiction missions. Leveraging our experience and knowledge as one of the world’s most capable naval system integrators, our in-house capabilities include development, production, and systems engineering.

We can also act as the design authority from system definition through to delivery and final acceptance. All systems are supported by a range of services, including logistics and training, to offer customers maximum mission performance through life.

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Key Benefits

Powerful and affordable for any budget

  • Significantly enhanced situational awareness and common operating picture
  • Consistent and unified system architecture for navigation, combat and mission management system (e.g. intelligent alarm management, centralized sensor and target management)
  • Software modules and system extensions to adapt to any operational requirement
  • Scalable multifunctional workstations reduce hardware need and save space
  • Standardized COTS/MOTS technology and state-of-the-art architecture for minimal mechanical integration and cabling effort and low lifecycle cost
  • Reduced and flexible manning/training through standardized and intuitive HMI
  • Low risk with only one responsible contractor for development, integration, supply and support, customer-proven in many deliveries
  • ITAR-free technology

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