Submarine solutions

Submarine solutions by Anschütz are based on our unique expertise in naval system integration, as well as on the insights in submarine technologies we gained as a trustworthy and long-term partner for more than 50 international navies. Today, our submarine solutions power more than 100 submarines worldwide. Our solutions take submarine navigation and control to the next level, offering a multitude of benefits to our customers. Our offer includes both highly customizable and off-the-shelf submarine solutions for new build and retrofit projects, and wide ranging and efficient after sales services.

Expertise in submarine systems integration

With many years of experience, own user-level operational expertise and technical know-how, Anschütz developed a new architecture for the submarine’s navigation, steering and command technologies.

Our solutions offer seamless integration of critical capabilities from the combat and navigation domain like navigation, 3D steering control, tactical operation, automation, and data management. Our solutions overcome the point-to-point connections and turn data into information and decision support features.

The new architecture connects former stand-alone systems (from navigation, through tactical operations / command and control, to steering) and makes data accessible at any workplace where it is needed in a respective situation. This, in combination with features and capabilities provided by our applications, effectively supports superior situational awareness, accurate operation and reliable, precise navigation.

Our solutions are based on our wide range of submarine systems, designed and manufactured in Germany with a clear focus on quality and user experience. We continuously drive product improvement and innovation across our portfolio, in order to meet and exceed customer’s operational requirements.

Key Benefits

Navies and operators

  • Integrated redundancies, operational safety and reliability
  • Maximum availability of data and function at multifunctional workplaces
  • Integrating navigational, tactical, and platform information fosters situational awareness and enhances accuracy and precision in operation
  • Modern user interfaces for intuitive operation and safe navigation
  • Customizable through integration of customer-specific equipment
  • Highest standards of system safety and security


  • Single responsible integrator reduces customer risk and workload
  • Requirements engineering to analyze and realize individual needs
  • Standardized interfacing and modular software enable maximum flexibility (scalability, adaptations during project)
  • Improved ability to integrate customer-specific equipment (sensors and systems)
  • Reduction of effort and cost in systems design, documentation and other NRC‘s
  • Lower space consumption, less weight, less need for cabling and connectors

Making the difference

Our products provide a high-performance basis for customized submarine system solutions, embedded within modern network infrastructure and scaled to the individual customer requirements, while flexible interfaces lead to a significant reduction of effort and cost in systems design, documentation and other NRC‘s.

Beyond this, our customers benefit from our first-hand knowledge and expertise in submarine navigation and control systems, system integration and system safety.

Our experienced program managers accompany the respective customer through the dedicated design phase and the related program milestones and reviews. This includes requirements and acceptance management, subcontract management including local industry participation, as well as configuration and obsolescence management, logistic support, training and in-service support.

We also manage non-functional requirements such as IT security, software quality, and process compliance. Our comprehensive safety management system is based on IEC 61508 and MIL STD 882, but can adapt to customer-specific requirements.

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