Synapsis Naval

Synapsis Naval
warship integrated navigation and bridge system

Anschütz stands out as the world’s leading manufacturer and integrator of naval navigation and bridge systems. Synapsis Naval is our brand for a dedicated military bridge system and the new standard for high-performance and highly effective integrated navigation. Our references include large system solutions for major naval programs, but also small and very cost-effective navigation and bridge systems.

Synapsis Naval is a highly functional and flexible Warship Integrated Navigation and Bridge System (WINBS). It is based on the proven, standardized COTS technology of the SYNAPSIS integrated navigation system, but is enhanced with military and tactical features. Synapsis Naval enables highly functional and modular bridge system solutions and, at the same time, reduces risk and non-recurring cost.

Synapsis Naval features an artificial intelligence-like software backbone, called “Bridge Integration Platform”, which adds central navigation intelligence to the system. A multi-redundant data distribution service ensures an entirely consistent presentation and handling of data, information and alarms throughout the whole system, supporting safe decision-making and precise navigation.

Capability beyond bridge navigation

The WINBS architecture allows integrating further systems and applications to increase customer value and empower the staff in their mission on board. Multifunctional workstations provide access to navigational and tactical operations from any workstation at any time. Key applications include WECDIS and Naval Radar with special mission features and tactical overlays as well as modules for waterspace management, tactical track and zone management, helicopter guidance, station keeping, 360°radar video merge or electro-optical sensors.

With SYNTACS, an effective command and control can be part of WINBS in order to enhance situation awareness and self-defense capabilities while support space- and cost saving initiatives. WINBS can also integrate SCANTER solid-state surveillance radars as well as a video surveillance system (VSS) as an additional application on the bridge consoles. WINBS is a smart solution for the warship bridge and navigation system, representing the starting point for the integration of future mission systems and innovations.

Selection of features provided with Synapsis Naval

  • Multifunctional workstations, incl. tactical radar and WECDIS
  • IMO navigation and SCANTER surveillance radars
  • Situation awareness and self-defense capabilities
  • Integration of visual surveillance system
  • Data management and distribution, incl. CMS integration
  • Sensor-agnostic to support customerspecific equipment
  • Open architecture eases third party integration
  • Cyber security
  • Precise and managed confi guration control to maintain safety approvals
  • Use of customer-provided hardware

Integration of customer-specific equipment

The WINBS architecture together with our abilities in program management and sub contract management allows us to adapt our solution to customer-specific requirements. This can include advanced solutions for data management and combat management system (CMS) integration, and also as well the participation of local industry. WINBS can be integrated on customer-selected or customer-provided hardware. It also supports virtual networks and can be hosted on a shared computer environment. Furthermore, in various programs, we have realized the fully functional integration of customer-specific equipment (GFE) such as third-party WECDIS, P(Y) GPS and other solid-state radars, including sub supplier management.

You can read more about our capabilities and solutions for Warship Bridge and Navigation Solutions here. 

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