Synapsis NX
the next level navigation system

The Integrated Navigation System (INS) integrates any relevant data and functions of onboard navigational applications and sensors. The INS manages sensor data, routes, charts, and tracks, and also performs central services of the system like an intelligent central alert management.

Synapsis NX is a state-of-the-art integrated navigation system (INS), combining all relevant navigation sensors and systems in a modular, user-centered system for safer and more efficient bridge operations. Navigators benefit from less distraction, superior situational awareness, decision support and less human error risk.


Key Benefits

Situational awareness

Right decision making through a clear picture of the prevalent situation.

  • Seamless operation of any function or sensor from any workplace
  • Standardized, clear structured user interfaces and a common, user-centered presentation of data and information
  • Navigators receive a validated picture of the prevalent situation for right decision making
  • Reliable sensors and helpful features support navigation in critical situations



Safe navigation

Safety through high data quality and availability of systems and functions.

  • Just a single, harmonized system, less distraction and workload for users
  • Integrated continuous plausibility checks of sensor data
  • Consistent use of data and designations, system-wide target association and management
  • Intelligent, central alert management
  • Safe in operation through managed configuration control and integrated redundancies (hot standby)

Secure and futureproof

State-of-the-art components and modular design make future-proof bridge systems.

  • Built on standardized, future-proof hardware and operating system
  • Modern, intuitive software allows quick familiarization of crews
  • Modular system design for easier updates and extensions
  • Compliance with latest standards such as IEC61162-450Ed.2, prepared for future ECDIS standards and others
  • Global service network in case you need help

Multifunctional workstations

Synapsis NX features multifunctional workstations that integrate any combination of our navigational applications. Thanks to standardized, modern user interfaces, navigators can experience very intuitive operations. The workstations also provide central and local change of color palettes and dimming and share individual and situation-specific user settings.

Bridge Integration Platform

Main Features

Central monitoring

Central management, analysis and distribution of sensor data
Synapsis NX provides central monitoring and integrated continuous plausibility checks of sensor data with regard to availability, integrity and reliability. Corrupted sensor data, as well as malfunction and disturbance, is detected, marked and excluded from selection and distribution.

Target management

Advanced target and zone management
Target management associates targets between S-band radar, X-band radar and AIS. From this, system-level targets are created, which are further processed and used in the system (e.g. for CPA alerts).

Alert management

Central, intelligent alert management
Alert management collects and analyzes alerts and determines, with regard to system configuration and status, whether the situation is sufficiently critical to set off an alarm, or whether the watch officer should only receive an alert of lower priority. Furthermore, any alert integrated into the system can be viewed and silenced at any workstation acc. to bridge alert management standard MSC.302(87).

Smart system architecture

Synapsis NX features a modular and flexible network infrastructure. Standardized hardware and LAN components provide the backbone for the system. Workstations and applications are added and configured with high flexibility. Synapsis NX is type-approved according to IMO performance and IEC test standards MSC.252(83)/IEC 61924- 2 for INS. It fulfills basic IMO requirements as well as highest class notations such as NAUT (AW) and NAUT (OSV).

The workstations use modular hardware (Small Marine Computer or Panel PC), and customers can choose from (chart-) radar, ECDIS, or conning software, either stand-alone or in any combination. The function of a workstation can be redefined at any time or expanded during the lifetime of the ship.

NautoPlex data converter

The NautoPlex collects and coverts sensor data to LAN. Through the Ethernet switches, and together with the radar raw video, all data is distributed to the bridge workstations via redundant LAN. This means reduced cabling efforts, but full flexibility with regard to installation space and easy servicing.

Technical Data

  • 8x IEC61162-1 / -2 serial ports (in- and output)
  • LAN interface
  • 8 potential free status ports in
  • 8 potential free status ports out
  • 9-36 V DC supply voltage

19" Rack installation

Computers, data collectors and switches, as well as further boxes can be installed in a standard 19" rack, delivered in a customized configuration, fully wired and tested. Through integration of capable DVI extenders, the distances between computers and displays can range up to 100 meters. Thanks to its capable network infrastructure and smart system components, Synapsis NX allows moving hardware off the bridge and enables an appealing interior design for the entire wheelhouse – reducing cost for commissioning, installation and servicing while increasing flexibility for bridge design and ergonomic considerations.

Please ask us for specific technical data and further information.



PC’s, Displays & Panel PC’s

The workstations can be equipped with high performance SMC's and displays in various sizes:

As a standard, the workstations can be combined with high quality, wide-screen 19”, 24”, 26" or 27" TFT monitors. All monitors are designed for marine applications and type-approved for Radar and ECDIS, featuring anti reflection coated front glass as well as LED backlight for low power consumption. Multi-touch is available.

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