Purchasing policy

Our declared target criteria are cost, time, quality and innovation. Our purchasing policy therefore focuses on ensuring an optimal supply of products with regard to quality, quantity and target date at the best economic conditions for Anschütz. Promoting competition among ideas, performance and prices is an  important concern for us. We act within the framework of agreed-upon business processes and ethical principles such as the observance of the anti-corruption laws and export regulations.

As the largest contractor and employer in the North German region we are aware of the economic effect of our dealings. At the same time we welcome and support the increasing openness of markets all over the world, in order to tap innovations as well as cost- and price-lowering potentials in acquisition outside of German borders.

In order to improve the purchased goods and services and thus our own products, we depend on an innovative, cost-optimized, effective and cooperative supplier base. We offer a trustful, long-term cooperation based on partnership with our suppliers. Reliability and quality are highest priorities for us.

Purchased items for Bridge- and Navigation Systems

Anschütz purchases various mechanical and electronic components which are needed for the construction and functioning of our Integrated Bridge- and Navigation Systems. Among these are casings and front plates, control elements, sensors, marine computers, marine displays, power generators, simulators and radio equipment.

Indirect materials and other services

The purchase volume of Anschütz includes, besides various raw materials, also vehicles, machines, tools, operating materials, chemicals, energy, office materials, advertising materials and other services such as development services, consulting and IT sevices.

Delivery address

The goods receipt and supply of external goods are located on
Mecklenburger Str. 32-36, 24106 Kiel.

Digital Invoices

Anschütz GmbH offers you, as supplier, the possibility to send your invoices as PDF-documents by email. You are welcome to send your invoices to the following address: e-invoicing@anschuetz.com

Please note the following when sending your invoices electronically:

  • The Anschütz Purchase Order number must be stated on the invoice.
  • If there is no Purchase Order number, the e-mail address of the requestor/initiator from Anschütz must be stated.
  • Please state a point of contact in case we should have further questions.
  • The PDF invoice document must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  • The PDF invoice document must not be password-protected.
  • Attachments to the invoice, such as records of performance or terms of business, should be attached to the mail in a separate file.

Please find all necessary documents in our Download Center.